Sink Bull

Sink Bull

Finally, an affordable, heavy duty, manual sink milling machine specifically designed for grinding under-mount sink cutouts. The Sink Bull utilizes a simple, rigid, powerful design and inexpensive templates to make sink grinding easy and fast. The Sink Bull makes CNC quality sink cutouts a simple task for every fabricator. 


 Less Skill Needed

Less Work Required

  • Any Fabricator can achieve CNC quality cutouts with minimal time and effort
  • Less skill and effort required then traditional hand fabrication 
  • Less hand, wrist, and arm fatigue compared to hand shaping
  • Superior results can be achieved quickly
  • Less potential for mistakes
  • Smooth, consistent, perpendicular edges are achieved automatically

 Quality Construction

  • Durable construction of anodized aluminum and corrosion resistant hardware
  • Powered by a heavy duty, 15 amp, Makita Grinder model GA7021 or GA7020 (USA), GA7031 (Canada), GA7040S01 (Australia) - sold separately
  • Long base spans the template and makes it extremely stable in use which means no "tipping" and smaller templates can be used.
  • Portable - can be used on the job site
  • Strong, single lever height adjustment
  • Simple external water feed
  • Made in the U.S.A





Sink Bull Kit Includes

  • Sink Bull™
  • Splash Shield Angle
  • All required Hardware
  • GFCI Adapter
  • Angel Guard – Cord Connect
  • Instruction Manual
  • Grinder sold separately
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Kits are available with or without the Rapid Z-Cut 3 inch grinding wheel


The Detailed Sink Bull Process

  1. Use the template to trace the sink profile onto the stone.
  2. Rough out the center of the sink with an appropriate saw/grinder and blade.
  3. Clamp the template in place - two clamps are usually sufficient.
  4. Attach the Rapid Z-Cut grinding wheel on to the Sink Bull and adjust the height so the bearing rides against the template.
  5. Rough grind the cutout to shape by running the Rapid Z-Cut around the inside of the template, grinding away stone, until the bearing is riding against the template all the way around.
  6. Replace the Rapid Z-Cut with a 40-60 grit vacuum brazed drum wheel (top bearing required) and re-adjust the height if required.
  7. Finish grind the cutout to shape by running the drum wheel around the inside of the template until the bearing is riding against the template all the way around. The drum wheel should quickly remove all the lines left by the Rapid Z-Cut.
  8. The cutout is complete and ready to polish.


Sink Bull

Brochures and Manuals

Sink Bull Radius Corner

This video is a simple demonstrate on how to use a Sink Bull and Rapid Z-Cut to produce a radius corner on a 3cm stone counter top. We also compare using the Sink Bull to traditional hand fabricating techniques. You can clearly see how fast and easy using the Sink Bull is compared to hand fabricating. It took a skilled fabricator almost twice as long to shape the corner compared to the less experience fabricator with a Sink Bull. By saving you both time and labor, the Sink Bull corner can cost up to 3 times less to produce! This is why we get so excited about the utilizing the Sink Bull with simple template. Start saving yourself some money, and buy a Sink Bull today!

11 Minute Sink Grind

The Sink BULL allows you to grind perfect, repeatable, sink cutouts. This Video shows a time laps of a fabricator creating a perfect Kohler 2210 vanity cutout in under 11 minutes. Very simple to use.

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