SL3 Quick Change System

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SL3 Snail Lock System


Rigid Turbos

For Seam Phantom® and Top Polishing

We really like the cutting and polishing action of these turbos. These are the turbos we supply with the seam phantom (60, 150 and 300 grit) to produce almost invisible seams. These can be used for any job that requires ultimate control over the amount of material removed and the flatness. Available in 7 grits from 60 to 3000. View Dressing Instructions Here 



Floating Turbos

The BEST choice for top and edge polishing

Utilizing the same proven abrasive formula as our original rigid turbos these are laminated to a color coded semi-rigid plastic and utilize a hook & loop attachment. The plastic laminate keeps the abrasive rigid as it wears thin to yield a consistent flat polish and the hook and loop provides enough "float" to make them extremely forgiving in use. We utilize these for all our flat edge polishing and top polishing. Our fabricators won't use anything else. These attach to the 3" Center Hub Hook & Loop Backer which in turn fits our standard SL3® adapter. Buy a backer for every grit for the ultimate quick change polishing system. View Dressing Instructions Here.
Available in 7 Grits - 60 to 3000


SL3 Adapter - Center Hub Backer - Floating Turbo



The Heart of the Quick Change SL3 System

Our SL3® adapter (3" snail lock) is the heart of the SL3® family. We couldn't find a small enough snail lock for the Seam Phantom so we made one ourselves - now we use it at every opportunity. Made from high quality aluminum, balanced for smooth running and anodized a beautiful red. All of our turbo abrasives, cup wheels and hook & loop backers fit this adapter.
Hook & Loop Backers

Adapt all your Hook & Loop Polishing Pads to the SL3 Quick Change System

Our adapter combined with our velcro backers makes changing between polishing grits and pads fast and easy. Buy into our system and you will never have to change your adapter again - available in 3", 4", 5" and 7" backers

Cup Wheels

For Fast Material Removal

Our cup wheels come in two sizes. The 2 inch cup wheel is for use with the Seam Phantom®. To create the back bevel or undercut. The 3 inch cup wheel is used for heavy stock removal. The 3 inch cup wheels come in a finemedium and aggressive grits, and are very long lasting.


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