Twist Shim

Twist Shims
An award winning and Patent Pending innovation from NSI Solutions - Twist Shims™ are a truly revolutionary simple design to make counter installations and repairs faster and more cost effective. The labor saved by using these shims will more than make up for the cost of the product. Granite counter tops and other stone tops can be adjusted and leveled from underneath, without having to lift the tops repeatedly. Silicone, epoxy, caulking and other adhesives can be injected directly through the center of the shims to bond the countertops in place.

Twist Shims Available In
Cans of 50 or 200


Twist Shims In Use

Twist Shim Repair Job
Used to Re-Level a Broken Counter Extension Seam

(sent by one of our customers -

the Twist Shim was drilled and installed from underneath)

Twist Shim &


Drive Twist Shim Through Wooden Sub Top

1. Drive

Drive Twist shim thru 5/8" holes drilled at all desired shim locations.



2. Level

Place countertop on cabinet and adjust level from underside by rotating Twist Shim.

Glue step for twist shim

3. Glue

Inject adhesive thru Twist Shim to permanently lock counter in place.

Dwayne Brow, owner of Facets Granite Service and Repair is another customer using Twist Shims to simplify repair of separated counter seams. He had the following comment about this new product:

“After watching a video on Twist Shims™ I was sold. I own and operate a granite repair business and not having to dismantle a counter top, just to reach the hard to (access) areas in a seam repair is gold ……….. Best of all my customers love them.”
Dwayne Brow
Facets Granite Services & repairs
Victoria B.C.


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