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Sink Bull and Rapid Z-Cut

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Rapid Z-Cut

Introducing the 3" Rapid Z-Cut grinding wheel. It features a stainless steel arbor, 5/8-11 mounting thread (**M14 thread now available**) and center water feed. The stacked, 3" diamond blades are easy to replace and reaarange. Originally designed to profile sinks on the Sink BULL this configuration results in extremely fast material removal.

With Bearing Template Follower

The original version of the Rapid Z-Cut features twelve stacked blades with a bearing template follower.  This configuration excels at grinding slab material, up to 3cm thick, to the shape of a template.  Inside holes for sinks or outside corners can all be rapidly profiled. The template follower is sized to always leave a small amount of material. This allows a vacuum brazed drum wheel (also with bearing) to be used for final clean up.



2 Stage Template Follower Bearing

The template follower incorporates a two stage design. After the blades wear halfway down the large outer ring can be removed by removing four screws. This helps minimize the amount of material left to remove with the final drum wheel.

No Bearing

Also available without a top bearing - this version of the Rapid Z-Cut uses seventeen blades and is excellent for free hand shaping or can be adapted to 1/2 gas thread for CNC use.

Glacier Edge

We use the "No Bearing" version to create a free form, organic edge stye we call Glacier.

Rapid Z-Cut

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Rapid Z-Cut
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Rapid Z-Cut
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